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Headed up by the Nutrigenomics expert Dr Yael Joffe, and based in the city of Cape Town, the medical and nutrition team at CTG offer Gene-based Personalised Health and Nutrition interventions. CTG was established as a Centre of Excellence for the translation of genetic results into actionable diet and lifestyle recommendations.

SNP JOURNAL E-BOOK - An Introductory Handbook for Clinicians

by Dr. Yael Joffe PhD RD FACN

Buy 'Genes to Plate'

Launching the First Gene Based Recipe Book

Dr Yael Joffe RD PhD

Centre Director

Annelie Smith RD

Network Development Manager / Consulting Dietitian

Alex Royal RD

Consulting Dietitian

Dr Julie Etellin MBChB

Consulting Medical Practitioner

Judith Johnson RD

Consulting Dietitian

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