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You are unique – there is only one of you! No duplicates. No other versions. Even if you are a twin, there’s just this one you.

Health is becoming personal. Exercise, diet, lifestyle, leisure – we’re all doing it our own way. Finding what works, based on what we know. We don’t buy the “one-size-fits-all” approach anymore. It’s the 21st century. Advances in genetics are changing how we see ourselves. Scientists have discovered that we can change the way our genes behave. They’re not the set-in-stone blueprint we once thought they were.

How you live can directly affect how your genes are expressed. This is how we are beginning to prevent and manage chronic disease. This is how we can optimise our mental and physical performance and extend our vitality, even as we age. Nutrigenomics studies the interaction between our diet and our genes. In these pages lies a collection of delicious and simple recipes, designed, kitchen-tested and frequently used by leading doctors, dieticians and nutritionists who specialize in Nutrigenomics. If you want to be gene smart and proactive about your health, if you want to feel your best, this cookbook is for you.

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